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FileMaker Pro 15 64-Bit torrent

FileMaker Pro 15 64-Bit torrent

FileMaker Pro 15

FileMaker Pro 15 Advanced Multilingual (x86 / x64)

FileMaker Pro includes advanced features of FileMaker Pro plus advanced development and customization tools in one package all. Get has the design and development of custom applications faster and easier. Plus, you get advanced analytics and powerful diagnostic tools and many others. Efficient and flexible use if you want to build your business, then FileMaker Pro Advanced is for you.


– Start fast

– Import existing data

Customize with ease –

Launch the built-in reporting tools –

– Team Share

– Integration with other programs

– Script Debugger

– Data Viewer

– Multiple Table Import

– Enable encryption database

– User Menu

– User Defined Function

– Database Design Report

– Kiosk Maker

– The external plug-in API

What’s new FileMaker Pro 15:

– Undo scripting

– Special Script Error

– ESS power

– Basic Starter Solutions

– Web Help

– Improved UI

– Tucked into the box

– Proactive security warnings

– Portal line progress bar

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